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Alamo Plaza’s Westside Historic Buildings

October 12, 2018

One of the debated components of the Alamo Redevelopment Plan involves the three buildings located across the plaza from the Alamo. The three buildings under assessment are the Crockett Block, designed by architect Alfred Giles in 1881, the 1923 Palace Theater, and the Woolworth Building, built in 1921.  Proposals for these historic buildings include demolishing or repurposing them for an Alamo Museum.  Here are some historical images of the buildings from the San Antonio Light, Zintgraff, and General Photograph collections.


Alamo Plaza, ca. 1910 (General Photograph Collection, 083-0484)

Battle of Flowers parade, 1926 (San Antonio Light, L-0324-G)

Woolworth Building, 1920-1930 (General Photograph Collection, 069-8439)

Army Day, 1935 (San Antonio Light, L-0539)

Crockett Block, early 1940’s (General Photograph Collection, 083-0480)

Alamo Plaza, 1944 (San Antonio Light Collection, L-3096-G)

Palace Theater, 1937 (Zintgraff, Z-1216-I-1)

Alamo Plaza, ca 1976 (General Photograph Collection, 107-1714)

Crockett Block, 1985 (General Photograph Collection, 107-1861)


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