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UTSA Special Collections Participates in History and Genealogy Day at Mission San Jose

May 21, 2018

On April 22nd the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park hosted a special event with displays honoring families who lived at the local missions.  Several mission family descendants had tables with genealogical information, family photographs and artifacts.  Also participating were local historical societies, museums, and libraries with examples from their collections.  UTSA Special Collections staff created albums with images of the mission structures through time, as well as photographs copied in the 1990s from the private collections of mission families.

Tourists from other areas enjoyed looking at our photographs that show the many changes in the mission structures:  the deterioration and subsequent restoration projects.  But the highlight was the visit of mission descendants, who discovered photographs related to their families in our collections.

These are pictures taken that day.

Rudy Gonzales uses his phone to copy our photograph of a family home that was located on the grounds of Mission San Jose.










Special Collections volunteer Judy Sauter shows photos of the missions at our display table set up in the mission granary. The red lanterns, provided by the Park Service, provided extra light in the dimly-lit structure.


Eloy Huizar holds one of our pre-restoration photographs of the granary, once owned by the Huizar Family. His ancestors lived there in the 19th and early 20th centuries.


John B. Martinez discovers a picture of himself when he played for the Mission San Jose parish baseball team in the 1960s.




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