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SVREP: Coming To A Close

January 10, 2018

As the SVREP Collection is nearly complete, it has been quite a journey and a great learning experience. Looking back on my first day on the project and in San Antonio, I was both excited and nervous to begin such a large project. As I have told anyone who listens, San Antonio has such a welcoming and tight community that made me feel at home right away. I am thankful to have been able to participate in many community activities in order to promote and educate the public about his work and honored to have played an important role in preserving Willie’s legacy by providing accessibility to his work. 


Creating this zine was one of my favorite SVREP Projects

I could not have successfully completed this project without my colleagues at UTSA who always have offered their help and guidance. Jennifer Longoria, the Assistant Archivist on the project was a wealth of knowledge of San Antonio politics and campaigning. Without her, my learning curve would have been much higher and I am thankful that she was able to provide such key information and history that was needed to properly organize the collection. As Jennifer continues on to her future endeavors, we wish her the best of luck and appreciate all her hard work, positive energy and other invaluable contributions she has given to the project. She will be greatly missed!


As we draw near to opening the collection to the public, we all are excited at the type of research that will be conducted and how this work will provide useful insight into Latino political participation, more specifically how voter registration exists today and how it has changed. The documents in the SVREP records are a constant reminder that the issues Willie fought so desperately to bring to recognition still remain relevant in today’s politics. The UTSA Special Collections team hopes that the SVREP collection will draw visitors from the community and academia in order for a larger audience to recognize and appreciate the work and vision of Willie Velasquez, including all the individuals and other organizations he worked with and influenced. 


***This project is generously funded by the NHPRC**

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