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A UTSA Love Timeline

February 13, 2017

This post was written by archives student assistant Kira Sandoval.

Love, for some, can blossom while pursuing higher education. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we collected love stories, campus activities, and legends from UTSA’s history. Here are some of the university’s most notable Roadrunner love stories.

1975: The First Roadrunners to Fall in Love at UTSA

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bingham, with their English Bulldog, Winnie.

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bingham, with their English Bulldog, Winnie. Gil Barrera Photographs of UTSA, MS 27.

The Binghams were the first students to meet, fall in love at UTSA, and get married. They fell into Love’s clutches rapidly; classes started on June 5, 1973, and by December 1974 they had gotten married.


Elizabeth Pampa and Joe Garza. Gil Barrera Photographs of UTSA, MS 27.

Elizabeth and Joe were the second set of students to meet, fall in love at UTSA, and get married. As tradition goes, the rice showering their heads in this photograph represents well-wishes for their marriage.

1970’s: Bridge of Love

You may know that the short bridge that connects the Art Building and the Flawn Sciences Building, adjacent to the swooping awnings, is sometimes known as the Bridge of Love. The nickname dates back to the 1970s, when main campus was still in its infancy. According to UTSA legend, two students, Julie and Jason, fell in love while enrolled in a drawing class at UTSA. The two were separated when Jason left for the Vietnam War. When the pair reunited, it is rumored that these two Roadrunners saw each other—for the first time since Jason’s departure—in the middle of the Bridge of Love and reconnected with a kiss.

1978 A Sweet Fiesta Fundraiser

Donna Abbott of the Young Leader’s Society poses with candy and carnations.

Donna Abbott of the Young Leader’s Society poses with candy and carnations. Photo by Gil Barrera, 1978. UTSA Bulletin, UTSA University Publications Collection, UA 1.02.

In 1978, the university’s Young Leaders Society sold candy and carnations to students to raise money for a Fiesta float.

Valentine's sweethearts, 1979.

Valentine’s sweethearts, 1979. UTSA Office of University Communications Photographs, UA 16.01.01.

1979: Ms. Sweetheart and Mr. Cupid

In 1979, UTSA held a Valentine’s Day Dance and students voted on a Ms. Sweetheart and Mr. Cupid. This photo was taken a couple of days before the dance. We do not know if the couple was in the running for Ms. Sweetheart and Mr. Cupid, or if they were just posing for promotional photos, but they sure do make a handsome late-70’s couple.

1989: An Educated Valentine

One of the more controversial Valentine’s days at UTSA arose from an issue of the Paisano student newspaper. The late 80s and early 90s were a time of heightened concern about the AIDS epidemic and education on safe sex was essential to keeping people healthy. UTSA students voiced their desire for the Paisano to write about AIDS education and the Paisano responded. The Paisano printed an issue on February 14th that included a condom, donated by the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, glued to each educational pamphlet insert. This risqué Valentine’s issue of the Paisano received local and national media attention.

1990: Kissing Booth

Public Displays of Affection aren’t only for February! In 1990 and 1991, Sigma Phi Epsilon members puckered up for their kissing booth on campus to raise money for the fraternity. The booth was part of Best Fest, a UTSA fall annual tradition organized by the Campus Activities Board to raise money for campus organizations.

Kisses, $1. 1990.

Kisses, $1. 1990. UTSA Office of University Communications Photographs, UA 16.01.01.

2009: UTSA’s First Wedding Reception

Ashley Starkweather of the class of 2009 and Tim Mazzanti of the class of 2005 met on campus at UTSA. During Ashley’s first semester and Tim’s last, they met in a class that Tim had delayed taking until the end of his program. They attended basketball games in the Convocation Center together and were both actively involved on campus. Ashley was a member of the UTSA Dance Team and Tim was a founding member of the Blue Crew, a group that paints themselves blue and shows their UTSA spirit at games. In 2009, the new University Center addition was open to students and Ashley was able to sneak a peek of the ballroom during a study session. The couple used the ballroom as the location of their wedding reception and became the first Roadrunners to celebrate their marriage on campus.

2014: Revisiting Love Origins

In 2014, Sonia M. Moncayo Marroquin, UTSA class of 2000, and Armando Marroquin, UTSA class of 1998, visited UTSA accompanied by their three sons. Now married, Sonia and Armando first met through friends at UTSA in 1998. Sonia was a pre-med student and Armando was a business major. They began to date in 2002, a few years after they had first met. Perhaps the next generation of Marroquins will be Roadrunners as well!


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