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UTSA Special Collections at Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara/ International Book Fair in Guadalajara

December 16, 2016

On November 27, 2016 I traveled to Guadalajara, Mexico to participate in the 30th International Book Fair, commonly referred to as FIL Guadalajara.

The fair is one of the most important annual events of its kind in the Spanish-speaking world, and only second in attendance after the equally famous Buenos Aires book fair. FIL provides a one stop shop for publishers, dealers, authors, librarians, reading public,  and other book industry folks to meet each other,  conduct business, and sign publishing deals. Most importantly for librarians, however, it offers an amazing opportunity to pick up latest publications from both international, national, university, and independent publishing houses, network with old and new colleagues, get some serious indoor walking exercise (4 miles a day for me) and to explore Guadalajara’s rich culture, art, food and…tequila.

FIL was created in 1987 by the University of Guadalajara. It it hosted at the Expo Guadalajara convention center, a building with  40,000 m2 of floor space. Each year, the fair hosts a guest of honor (a country, a region), providing each guest with the opportunity to display the best of its cultural and literary heritage. This year Latin America was the guest of honor, with a variety of writers, poets and activists participating in readings, panels, interviews and book signings. Although I did miss the opening ceremonies with Mario Vargas Llosa and a panel discussion with Rigoberta Menchú, I did get a chance to meet Guadalajara’s most famous grandson and printer, Clemente Orozco,  and see his grandfather’s (José Clemente Orozco) murals.  I also bought a lot of books, both cookbooks and artists books to add to our Rare Books Collection. More about the new acquisitions in the next blog. So stay tuned and enjoy the images from the fair and Guadalajara.

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