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Two LGBTQ collections now available online

November 30, 2015

Two unique collections, the Pierre Duval Hair Studio Collection and the Linda and Cynthia Phillips papers are now available online.

Partners in life and in business, Jesse Duval Arrambide and Robert Pierre Teander opened the Pierre Duval Hair Studio in San Antonio, Texas in the early 1970s. For their collaboration with the Fiesta Dinner Playhouse in San Antonio owned by actor Earl Holliman, Jesse and Robert became known as the “hairdressers to the stars.” They styled and coiffed the hair of such notable talents as Don Ameche, Gary Burghoff, Sandy Dennis, Joan Fontaine, Van Johnson, Dorothy Lamour, Roddy McDowell, Lana Turner, and many more. “Hairdressers to the Stars” was Pierre Duval’s business motto and they used the phrase in all their advertising. In addition to visiting actors appearing at the Fiesta Dinner Playhouse, many Fiesta queens and their families relied on Pierre Duval Hair Studio to deliver elegant and often elaborate coiffures.

Jesse Du Val, Earl Holliman, Robert Teander, 1981, MS 425, Pierre Duval Hair Studio collection

Jesse Du Val, Earl Holliman, Robert Teander, 1981, MS 425, Pierre Duval Hair Studio collection

The bulk of the collection consists of albums containing photographs and playbills from the Fiesta Dinner Playhouse . Photographs capture the actors, cast, and sets of the Playhouse which was open from 1977 through 1983. The collection contains autographed photographs from actors, both prominent and little-known. Many actors starring at the Playhouse attended dinners and parties at the home of Robert and Jesse and photographs capture these gatherings. Also in the collection are correspondence, personal photographs, and clippings. One scrapbook is comprised of photographs and clippings collected when Jesse worked at Arthur Murray dance studio in Chicago. The Pierre Duval Hair Studio collection is divided into three series: Fiesta Dinner Playhouse, Personal, and Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Digital content can be accessed by clicking the “View Contents” links in the finding aid.


Linda and Cynthia Phillips were married in Dallas in 1958. Over the years, the couple became prominent within the transgender community of Central and South Texas and were affiliated with many transgender organizations. The most notable was the Boulton and Park Society of San Antonio, which the couple joined shortly after its formation in 1986. They also had a strong presence in the San Antonio community as the primary organizers of the Texas “T” Party, a Boulton and Park-sponsored event that became the largest annual convention for crossdressers in the nation. The Phillips gained national exposure in the early 1990s following their appearances on major television talk shows. Much of their time during the 1990s was dedicated to educating the public and other members of the transgender community on their experiences as a transgender couple.

Cynthia and Linda Phillips. MS 38The Linda and Cynthia Phillips Papers document the couple’s attempt to educate other transgender singles and couples based on experience gained in their own relationship. Additionally, the collection reflects the Phillips’ active involvement in raising awareness of the transgender culture among the general population. Included are newsletters including Gender Euphoria, a publication of the Boulton and Park Society, articles, announcements, pamphlets, papers, magazines, and correspondence collected by the couple during the time of their association with the Boulton and Park Society. The materials are arranged in series by function, with Boulton and Park Society making up the bulk of the collection. Digital content can be accessed by clicking the “View Contents” links in the finding aid.




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