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New finding aids online – Leo Brewer and Leo Garza

February 9, 2015

Two new finding aids are now available online – Leo Garza and Leo Brewer.


leogarza_TNLeo Garza Political Cartoon collection

Garza was born Leonel Garza in McAllen, Texas but spent most of his early life in Laredo. He attended Laredo public schools and graduated in 1975 from Martin High School. After graduation he attended Laredo Jr College and worked at the Laredo Morning Times in the 1980s. In 1987 Garza moved from Laredo to San Antonio and was hired by the San Antonio Express News. Garza was a political cartoonist for the Express News from 1987 to 2007. His daily strip cartoons touched on a variety of national and local topics, from national and state elections, to San Antonio social and cultural events. Characters Nacho Gurache and his sidekick Fulano entertained readers with their comical misadventures and often frank commentary on San Antonio life. In 2007, Garza began painting and selling Western Art, including a series of murals for the Cibolo Creek Ranch in West Texas. He died May 17th, 2014 of kidney cancer.

The collection is comprised of original pen and ink and mixed media comic panels and strips, composed on matte paper (1987-1990, 1994-2000) and art board (1990-1994). Vertically and horizontally aligned strips are represented, and there are both continuity strips and “gag-a-day” strips in the collection.


leobrewerLeo Brewer Papers

Leo Brewer was born in Kentucky on July 9, 1889 and graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1905 and Harvard Law School in 1914. After serving during World War I as an officer in the field artillery, Brewer moved to San Antonio and served for two years as assistant U.S. Attorney. In 1926 he joined the law faculty at the University of Texas and was on the editorial board of the Texas Law Review. In 1956, Brewer returned to San Antonio, joining the faculty at St. Mary’s School of Law. He served on several boards in San Antonio, including president of the San Antonio School Board and the board of trustees of the San Antonio Public Library. At the time of his death, Brewer was a trustee of St. Mary’s Law School. Leo Brewer died on November 3, 1965.

The bulk of the collection consists of the diaries and correspondence of Leo Brewer. Also included are Army orders, Army medals, and a photograph.


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