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Lesbian Romantic Fiction now available in Special Collections

December 22, 2014

In 2014, UTSA Libraries Special Collections received a donation of twelve lesbian romantic novels written by two San Antonio authors. Eight of the works of fiction are from Peggy J. Herring and four were created by author Frankie J. Jones. Both Herring and Jones were members of the San Antonio WomanSpace collective, a women’s group dedicated to keeping San Antonio’s women’s community informed and engaged through the creation and distribution of WomanSpace newsletter (1988-2007). WomansSpace provided an early platform for Herring and Jones to find their creative voice; both went on to have their work published nationally.

Front cover of Once More With Feeling by Peggy J. Herring, 1995

After eight years, Laura’s relationship with Mavis has collapsed, as much from its decreasing weight and passion as from Mavis’s casual infidelity. Taking temporary refuge with close friends Jolly and Wanda, Laura begins to put herself back together, her first step a brief but erotic interlude in Hawaii. But the most healing person she knows seems to be her own solitary self, and the most healing place, her own house. In the meantime, ex-partner Mavis is busy charming other women. But still she is a presence–an intrusion, feels Laura–in Laura’s life, bringing over her newest partners, prevailing upon Laura to widen her horizons, to continue their love as loyal friendship. Then Laura meets appealing, enigmatic Robin . . . and suddenly finds the possibility of a new relationship. A possibility that intrigues Laura. And completely flabbergasts Mavis . . .

Front cover of Beyond All Reason by Peggy J. Herring,  2002

Front cover of Beyond All Reason by Peggy Herring, 2002

Trina knew, from the instant she first saw Rosalie, that she should stay away from this woman, her brother’s fiancee. Rosalie knew, from the instant she first saw Trina, that she wanted to be her friend. After being rejected by her homophobic family when she was a teenager, Trina slowly established her place in the family–a family that loves her but does not understand her and struggles with accepting her sexuality. And despite years of therapy and the determination not to let her painful past control her, Trina finds she is unable to completely trust anyone. Ignoring Trina’s reluctance, Rosalie pursues a friendship with her future sister-in-law. One step at a time, she gradually begins to gain Trina’s trust only to lose control of her own heart . . . Rosalie realizes that Trina is the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

Front cover of Calm Before the Storm by Peggy J. Herring, 2000

Front cover of Calm Before the Storm by Peggy J. Herring, 2000

Don’t ask . . . Deeply closeted to protect her career, Colonel Marcel Robicheaux has limited her love life to discreet flings with no strings–until the brazen, but not entirely unwelcome, advances of beautiful young Lieutenant Jordan McGowen send the seasoned officer running for cover.

Don’t tell . . . Saved from disaster by a timely transfer, Marcel is looking forward to retiring from the military. Just when she thinks she can finally let down her guard and ease out of the closet, Jordan suddenly reenters her life–only now she’s a general’s wife. While her marital status may have changed, her intentions toward Marcel have not.

Front cover of Rhythm Tide by Frankie J. Jones, 1998

Front cover of Rhythm Tide by Frankie J. Jones, 1998

Despondent after years of abuse, Clara Webster decides to end it all and swims out into the deep waters of the Texas Gulf. Totally exhausted, she surrenders to the relentless pull of the tide–only to feel strong arms wrap around her. Struggling to free herself from her would-be rescuer, Clara nearly drowns the woman and ends up saving her instead. The woman, reclusive artist Randi Kosub, invites the distraught Clara to stay with her for a while. With nowhere else to go, Clara accepts. As Clara strives to get her life together, the women grow closer and begin to fall in love. With Randi at her side, Clara realizes that her life is indeed worth living . . . When Clara’s youngest son is seriously injured in an accident, she rushes home–unwittingly putting herself in the power of her vengeful husband, who has no intention of letting her go. Caught in the swirling crosscurrents of past and present, Clara is forced to make a devastating choice . . .

Front cover from Captive Heart by Frankie J. Jones, 1999

Front cover from Captive Heart by Frankie J. Jones, 1999

Money can’t buy happiness . . . but it can sure rent a lot of it. And with her rich daddy paying the rent, twenty-eight-year old CJ Riley lives in a world of fast cars, willing women and zero responsibility. Attractive, arrogant, charming when-she-wants-to-be, CJ is used to getting what she wants, when she wants it . . . until she is pulled over for speeding by San Antonio Police Officer Lois Franklin. Intense and by-the-book, the tall, tanned cop is not impressed by CJ’s wealth or her advnces. Never one to resist a challenge, CJ sets out to add Lois to her conquests–unaware that a shocking chain of events is about to unfold. Events that will forever change her life–and her heart.


For a full list of titles by Peggy J. Herring held in Special Collections click here.

For a full list of titles by Frankie J. Jones held in Special Collections click here.

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