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Now online: UTSA student recruitment videos from the Office of Admissions

November 24, 2014

Earlier this year Special Collections received a transfer of VHS cassette tapes from the Office of Admissions for inclusion in the University Archives. We selected two of these cassette tapes, dated 1988 and 1994, to digitize and make available online. To watch the videos, click on the hyperlinked titles or view them in the YouTube viewers below.

Recruitment videos on VHS cassettes, received from the Office of Admissions, UA 19.03.01.

Recruitment videos on VHS cassettes, received from the Office of Admissions, UA 19.03.01.

Staff at the Office of Admissions explained that these videos were likely produced by the News and Information Office, which later became the Office of University Communications, to showcase UTSA. These videos were shown to groups visiting campus and brought to regional high schools to be shown to prospective students and their counselors.

The University of Texas at San Antonio Office of Admissions: Student Life Admissions Recruitment Video 1988

The 1988 video (20:31 runtime) is the longest and most in-depth. The video features testimonials from students and staff regarding academics and campus life at UTSA. There is a montage of scenes around campus, including classrooms and instruction, housing, athletics, and events on campus (including footage of a 1988 version of the roadrunner mascot dancing under the Sombrilla), all set to stimulating piano music. Staff from offices such as Admissions, Student Information and Retention, Financial Aid, Housing, and Student Activities & the University Center offer introductions to their programs and discuss their student support agendas. Of particular interest is a full demonstration of UTSA’s Telephone Registration System, a technological marvel in 1988 that saved time for students and “[streamlined] the registration system” in the days before the Internet. The video also includes aerials of main campus and footage of attractions in San Antonio.

The University of Texas at San Antonio Office of Admissions: Recruitment Video 1994

The 1994 video (7:34 runtime) features a narrator, who gives an overview of UTSA, accompanied by energetic electronic music and mesmerizing screen transitions. This shorter video focuses on UTSA’s academic offerings, displaying footage of engaged students and faculty, as well as equipment and facilities available to students. The second part of the video provides footage of “life outside of the classroom,” including housing, student organizations, and athletics—all available to help the UTSA student “grow as an individual.” The latter half of the video focuses on the student support services UTSA offers, finished with an invitation to become a part of UTSA’s vision of “shaping the future for a better tomorrow.”

Special Collections is pleased to provide online access to these videos about UTSA. If you have additional information about the videos you would like to share we welcome your comments.


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