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New Acquisitions for October 2014

November 20, 2014

Manuscript Collections

Gene Elder sketchbook, MS 428

Gene Elder sketchbook, MS 428


  • MS 428 Elder (Gene) Papers, approximately eight linear feet comprised of 18 journals containing original art by Elder and others, correspondence, journal entries, event fliers, photographs, and ephemera

University Archives


  • UA 01.03 UTSA. University Archives Vertical file, .01 linear feet comprised of 1 issue of September 1975 Mesquite Monthly
  • UA 14.01 UTSA. Center for Archaeological Research Publications Collection, 12 PDFs of CAR reports

Rare Books: 22 Titles [October Title List]


an-tr0078Trucker King (complete set of three vols. of the “San Antonio” Series of Trucker King)

Falling loosely within the genre of Western Adventure, the Trucker King serial novels of the 1980s and 1990s follow the adventures of trucker Rocky Robson and friend T.O. Bucker with their truck (nicknamed “Buffalo”) against a background of intrigues within a large shipping company run by Robson’s former father-in-law Henry B. Rockford. Totes-Fiesta in San Antonio, along with Durchbruch nach San Antonio, and San Antonio Story, form a “San Antonio” triad within the German-language Trucker King franchise.

For more Trucker King titles (with cover illustrations), see:

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