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New Acquisitions for April 2014

May 15, 2014

Manuscript Collections


  • MS 425 Pierre Du Val Hair Studios collection, 5 linear feet comprising 20 photographs albums and one inch of loose materials

    Jesse Du Val, Earl Holliman, Robert Teander, 1981, MS 425

    Jesse Du Val, Earl Holliman, Robert Teander, 1981, MS 425


  • MS 103 Opera Guild of San Antonio records, 3 boxes and one frame award, 3 linear feet
  • MS 022 Women’s Overseas Service League records, 1 box of materials primarily from the Los Angeles Unit
  • MS 058 San Antonio Chapter of Links, Inc. records, 4 boxes
  • MS 050 National Council of Jewish Women, San Antonio Section records, 1.5 linear feet of  blueprints for a Council House on Poplar Street

University Archives


  • UA 14.01 UTSA. Center for Archaeological Research publications collection, 7 CDs of CAR Archaeological reports

Rare Books: 6 Title [April Title List]

Unchopping a tree / W. S. Merwin ; drawings by Liz Ward

An intimate, beautifully illustrated gift edition of poet laureate W. S. Merwin’s wondrous story about how to resurrect a fallen tree. There’s no mystery to chopping down a tree. But how do you put back together a tree that’s been felled? Mystical instructions are required, and that’s what W. S. Merwin provides in this prose piece. Written with a poet’s grace, an ecologist’s insights, and a Buddhist’s reverence for life, this elegant work describes the difficult, sacred job of reconstructing a tree. Step by step, page by page, with Merwin’s humble authority, secrets are revealed and the destroyed tree rises from the forest floor. Interspersed throughout this inviting, gift-sized edition are Liz Ward’s eleven delicate silverpoint drawings depicting the cellular life of trees.  [description provided by publisher]

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