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BBL oral history transcripts and additional Reflections on Texas videos online

December 9, 2013

Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies Oral History Collection

Henry Rodriguez transcript, MS 335

Henry Rodriguez transcript, MS 335

A collection of oral histories conducted in Bicultural-Bilingual Studies courses taught by Dr. Marie Miranda from 2009-2013.  A little over half of the oral histories were conducted as part of Mexican American Studies 2013, Intro to Chicano(a) Studies, which is an introduction to the field of Chicano(a) studies from its inception to the present. Chicano(a) studies and scholarship are explored through multidisciplinary concepts, theory, and methodologies, providing differing interpretations of the Chicano and Chicana experience in the United States. The remaining oral histories were conducted as part of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies 3023, Mexican American Culture, which is a survey of Mexican American cultural distinctiveness in the areas of biculturalism, cultural production, and social organization. Topics may include family and kinship, folklore, health, language, music, and religion.

Transcripts from the 86 oral histories have been digitized and are available online.



Reflections on Texas Video Collection

Reflections on Texas opening screenshot

“Reflections on Texas” opening screenshot, MS 386

The “Reflections on Texas” series was developed and produced by KMOL-TV San Antonio (now WOAI) to commemorate the United States Bicentennial. The series was initially intended to provide an overview of local history to heighten community awareness of the past, but evolved into focusing more on the offbeat moments of Texas and San Antonio history. It took over a year for KMOL-TV staff to complete the project, shooting over 60,000 feet of film and working over 6,000 hours. The project produced 250 30-second vignettes about San Antonio and Texas history, which were telecast during commercial breaks five times a day for an 18-month period from 1975-1976.

An additional 70 vignettes from the collection have been digitized and, along with the 20 digitized in 2012, are available online. To learn more about the collection, as well as the digitization process, please see our earlier blog post.

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