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New Acquisitions for September 2013

October 17, 2013
The Domels of Texas... (2012). UTSA Libraries Special Collections. [CS71 .D6686 2012]

The Domels of Texas… (2012). UTSA Libraries Special Collections. [CS71 .D6686 2012]

Manuscript Collections:


  • MS 250 Retama Park Records, 2 boxes from a horse racing track that opened in Selma, Texas in 1995.
  • MS 210 San Antonio Founders Day Records, 2 boxes.

Rare Books: 12 gift books received June – September


The Domels of Texas : Johann Domel and Marie Schulz Domel Pobran families, 1891-2012 (2012) by Linda N. Domelsmith, Edith Domel Bullock.

Special Collections receives donations of published works from a variety of sources, including publishers, authors whose books feature materials from our archival and photograph collections, and individuals whose personal book collecting interests coincide with our focus on San Antonio and South Texas. Privately printed family histories, such as this one, provide invaluable microcosm views of Texas history.

The Domel family is of Wendish/Sorbish origin, descended from Slavic tribes that reportedly settled in Europe during the 9th century, including in Lusatia (part of present day Germany). Facing pressure due to lack of jobs and crop failures, many Wends emigrated to Texas and Australia during the -to-late-19th century. In 1891, widow Marie Pobran and her six sons boarded a steamship in Hamburg. Marie settled near extended family near Warda, Texas and later married Johann Popran (later Pobran), with whom she had two daughters.

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