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Help Transcribe the James Morgan Papers

September 9, 2013

1.11 Texas (Republic). Army, 6 June 1836

1.11 Texas (Republic). Army. Manuscript muster rolls of troops returned to Camp Travis [Galveston Island]. June 6, 1836. James Morgan Papers, MS 278.

Last month we invited readers to help transcribe the Joe Joskins’ Diary.  This month we’re asking for help transcribing the James Morgan Papers.   The collection is comprised of 28 documents and letters, with the bulk written before 1841 and pertaining to the Texas Revolution. Most of the documents are related to Morgan and the establishment of the New Washington Association with many of the documents bearing Morgan’s own notes and docketing.

Based on researcher interest, the collection was digitized last year and has been available online since October 2012 through our Digital Collections. The documents are handwritten, however, and  they can be difficult to read.  The are also not keyword searchable. By transcribing one or more pages, you will make it easier for others to use and search the collection.

1.15 Unknown, 14 June 1836

Treaty of Velasco. Contemporary copy or draft of the original treaty, misdated June 14 (rather than May 14), 1836. James Morgan Papers, MS 278.

Ready to get started?

Create a FromThePage account and then follow this link to The James Morgan Papers. Select one of 24 works and click on any page that says “Help transcribe this page!”

Transcription guidelines are visible on each page, and also listed below for easy reference:

  • Spelling: Use original spelling, including misspellings.
  • Abbreviations: Use original abbreviations.
  • Capitalization: Use original capitalization if identifiable.
  • Punctuation: Use original punctuation if identifiable. Do not add punctuation (periods, commas, apostrophes) that are not present in the original.
  • Line Breaks: Hit return once after each line ends. Two returns indicate a new paragraph.
  • Illegible Text: If you cannot read text or are uncertain, place it in square brackets: [Dr?], [?], or [c?t]
  • Subjects: To add subjects (person, place, or battle), place the words in double brackets. Ex. [[Col JJ Archer]]. Do not worry about adding authorized forms of names. An editor will do that later.
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