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New Acquisitions for April 2013

May 16, 2013

Manuscript Collections:


  • MS 412 Caragonne (Alexander) papers, 7 linear feet of materials from this San Antonio-based architect who founded the firm Reyna/Caragonne Architects.  Includes drawings, sketches, slides, a copy of his work Texas Rangers, and an unpublished manuscript on teaching architecture.


  • MS 404 National Association for Bilingual Education records, 22 boxes of NABE records from 1977-2009 containing correspondence, administrative files, legislative lobbying materials, audio-visual materials, and materials relating to the administration of its conferences.
  • MS 405 Chapa (Francisco A.) Family papers, .1 linear foot consisting of copy of Ernest Marks naturalization certificate, 1856; two news clippings; and two bumper stickers used to demonstrate against destruction of the Rivas house.

Rare Books: 15 titles [April Title List]


The vast majority of 19th century Mexican cookbooks were published in Mexico City. However, this title, issued just 12 years after the very first cookbook published in Mexico, shows that not all culinary publications emerged from the capital.

As was usual for this time period, La Cocinera de Todo el Mundo orients itself towards Europe, advertising its inclusion of the best recipes at the least cost from the cuisines of Spain, France, Italy, and England, as well as the recipes of Mexico. Among its hundreds of recipes is the ubiquitous mole poblano and more than two dozen variations of salsa. Chapters on carving and alcoholic drinks are also included, as well as a discussion of seasonal foods, organized month-by-month. Tomatoes are particularly recommended for January, while March is the time for garlic. This seasonal guide is especially interesting because the cookbook was published in Puebla, rather than Mexico City, suggesting that the recommendations may be specific to the geography and agriculture of its region of origin.

Digital Content:

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