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Travels of John H. C. Church (Diary of a Trip through Mexico and California)

January 28, 2013

Diary of a trip through Mexico and California by John H.C. Church, John H.C. Church (1887) [F1215 .C46 1887].

By the late 1880s, the railway extended to most major cities in the United States and Mexico. Thanks to the iron horse, leisure travel and tourism became rapidly increasingly accessible to the moderately wealthy and middle classes during this time, and many jumped at the  opportunity to see faraway places.

In a 19th century equivalent to a slideshow or Flikr stream, Massachusetts tourist John H.C. Church had his 1887 travel diary privately printed for distribution to friends. The map below outlines Church’s 76-day grand tour of the U.S. and Mexico, alongside excerpts from his impressions of the sights. Click on any red thumbtack marker below to see his descriptions of Cincinnati, Galveston, San Antonio, Chihuahua, Aguascalientes, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and more.


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