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New Acquisitions for October 2012

November 15, 2012

Manuscript Collections:


  • MS 008 Association for Women in Communications, 2 boxes of Board materials, 2003-2005, as well as scholarship materials

Decree of the Congresso General separating Texas from Coahuila, Mexico

Decree of the Congresso General separating Texas from Coahuila, Mexico

Rare Books: 38 titles [October Title List]

  • [Decree of the Congresso General
    separating Texas from Coahuila,Mexico]
    .[Toluca, Mexico : s.n., 1837].
    This decree divides Mexico into as many departments as there formerly were states. Of particular relevance to UTSA’s collections of Texas and Border history, it separates Coahuila from Texas.  It also authorizes the central government to locate the capital of Texas where most convenient when order is re-established there. Soon after his defeat at the Battle of San Jacinto, President Antonio López de Santa Anna signed the two treaties of Velasco – one public and one private – recognizing Texas’ independence in May of 1836. However, Santa Anna’s authority to make such agreements was not accepted in Mexico, and, as this decree from several months later demonstrates, the Mexican government continued to see Texas as a region in revolt, rather than an independent nation.
  • Cocina michoacana (1896) by Vicenta Torres de Rubio.
    Published in Zamora, Michoacán, this cookbook is the first regional cookbook written by a woman in Mexico, and possibly the first regional cookbook to be published in Mexico.  It began with local recipes contributed to Torres de Rubio by women within the state, but then expanded to include recipes submitted by cooks across the country [1], leading to a collection of hundreds of traditional recipes, including moles, chlemole, pipian, guisos, tortas, and numerous salsas. A glossary of terms and definitions is also included.

[1] Pilcher Jeffrey Pilcher, Que Vivan los Tamales!: Food and the Making  of Mexican Identity(Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1998), 67.

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