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Now Online: 20 Vignettes from the “Reflections on Texas” Video Collection

September 10, 2012

Screenshot of “Reflections on Texas” opening sequence, MS 386

Special Collections is pleased to announce that 20 vignettes from the “Reflections on Texas” Video Collection have been digitized and are now available online.

“Reflections on Texas” was developed and produced by KMOL-TV San Antonio (now WOAI) to commemorate the United States Bicentennial. The series was initially intended to provide an overview of local history to heighten community awareness of the past, but evolved into focusing more on the offbeat moments of Texas and San Antonio history.

It took over a year for KMOL-TV staff to complete the project, shooting over 60,000 feet of film and working over 6,000 hours. The project produced 250 30-second vignettes about San Antonio and Texas history, which were telecast during commercial breaks five times a day for an 18-month period from 1975-1976.

Reflections on Texas booklet cover, UA 15.01

Descriptions of 144 vignettes were compiled as a print component, which was published in 1979 by UTSA’s Institute of Texan Cultures. The publication was recently digitized in its entirety and can be found onlineThe ITC records (UA 15.01) in University Archives contain limited documentation of the arrangement between KMOL-TV and the ITC to produce the book, and distribute it to the community and school children of San Antonio.

The “Reflections on Texas” Video Collection consists of 186 2” quadruplex videotapes from the original project.  Twenty videos were selected and sent to The Media Preserve where they were baked and digitized. Tape baking is a process used to restore magnetic tapes when there has been a chemical breakdown due to age, generally related to the binder used in the original manufacturing process.

Digital files for the 20 tapes were received in August and promptly added to UTSA’s digital repository.


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