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New Acquisitions for January 2012

February 13, 2012
MS 370. Riegler Family.

Letter, Riegler Family, MS 370. UTSA Special Collections. Riegler Confections Co. was located at 231 Houston Street.

Manuscript Collections:


  • MS 389, Page (William K.) photograph collection, 1 om b/w photo & 41 4×5 color slides


  • MS 105, Charity Ball Association of San Antonio Records, 0.3 linear feet
  • MS 160, Stubblefield (Joe) plans, 64 sets of rolled plans & rolled drawings
  • MS 385, Denman (Fannie Lee) papers, 1 linear foot.
  • MS 331, San Antonio River Authority records, 4 linear feet
  • MS 151, Pan American Round Tables of Texas records, 3 scrapbooks
  • MA 083, Planned Parenthood of San Antonio and South Central Texas, 1 linear foot

Transfers from Institute of Texan Cultures Library

  • MS 365 Bullis (John) collection
  • MS 366 ITC Vertical File collection
  • MS 367 Coppini Academy of Fine Arts collection
  • MS 368 Clem (John) Estate collection
  • MS 369 Toudouze (Frank) collection
  • MS 370 Riegler Family papers
  • MS 371 Stinson (Jack) collection
  • MS 372 Gennaro (Joseph P.) papers
  • MS 373 Washington family collection
  • MS 374 Cohen (Rabbi Henry) correspondence
  • MS 375 Brown (Helen) papers
  • MS 376 Maly (Fred) Medina Lake materials
  • MS 377 Lundeleis family collection
  • MS 380 Herff (A.P.) papers
  • MS 381 Hardin Family papers
  • MS 382 Schützenverein Gesellschaft records San Antonio Hunting and Shooting Club
  • MS 383 Barber (George) papers
  • MS 386 Reflections on Texas audiovisual materials
  • MS 388 Ayres (Atlee B.) Papers

University Archives:


  • UA 99.0018, UTSA. Papers of Faculty and Staff: Jacobson, Rodolfo, 1.35 MB


  • UA 21, UTSA. Information Technology, Office of, 3 linear feet
  • UA 21, UTSA. Information Technology, Office of, 5 GB
  • UA 04.02.02, UTSA. Facilities, Office of, 0.5 linear feet.

Rare Books: 22 titles [January title list]


South-west stucco homes : a plan and style book of detached bungalows, two-story residences, duplexes, apartments for two, three and four families, double bungalows and apartment courts by E. W. Stillwell & Co. Los Angeles (1924)

Shortly after graduating from the University of South Dakota, E. W. (Elmer Wendell) Stillwell established his own architectural firm in Los Angeles around 1906.  He soon made a name for himself  by promoting bungalows housing in booklets such as Little Bungalows and West Coast Bungalows.  In this catalog, he offers photographs, line drawings, and floor plans of bungalows and other architectural styles to be constructed with stucco.

Aladdin Houses: “Built in a Day,” by the North American Construction Company (1917)

During the first decade of the 20th century, Aladdin Homes was among the first to premier kit houses or, as this catalog calls them “built in a day” houses. While the practices of selecting architectural plans from catalogs and mail-ordering blueprints had become common by the end of the 19th century, kit houses went a step farther by allowing customers to order pre-cut lumber to be delivered by rail car, thus theoretically allowing homes to be “built in a day”…or at least within a couple weeks.  This catalog from 1917 offers floorplans and illustrations of a range of “Readi-Cut” homes a decade after the concept first debuted.

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