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Acquisitions for March 2011

April 21, 2011

University Archives:
UA 15.01.01 UTSA. ITC. Office of the Executive Director, 1 linear foot

Rare Books
Items: 60

Architecture and Design
Brandimarte, Cynthia A. Inside Texas : culture, identity, and houses, 1878-1920. Texas Christian University Press, c1991.

Lavender, Linda. Dog trots & mud cats : the Texas log house. North Texas State, c1979.

Catálogo nacional, monumentos históricos inmuebles. México : Secretaría de Educación Pública, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Programa Cultural de las Fronteras, 1986.

More Pointers Inside. Patton’s Sun-Proof Paint. 1900.

Old Fort Lines. Catalog Number 12. Fort Smith Furniture Manufacturers Company, 1924.

Rubber Paint Co. Manufactures of the Best Paint In the World. 1887.

Sears, Roebuck and Co. Wall Paper Samples. Higher Quality and Lower Prices Than Ever Before. 1913.

Sherwin-Williams Co. Maker of Family Paint. 1920.

Colorado River Watershed
Long, Walter Ewing. Flood to faucet : being the story back of the story of the Colorado River of Texas and its development. W.E. Long, c1956

Germans in Texas
Heusinger, Edward. Heusinger family in Texas. Standard Printing Co., 1945.

German Pioneers in Texas. 1938.

History of Mexico
Lamadrid, Luis Malpica y de. 1810: El Nacimiento de la Nación. Editorial Limusa.

Hydrogeology and water resource management
Livingston, Penn and Samuel F. Turner. Harris County, Texas : records of wells, drillers’ logs, water analyses, and map showing location of wells. State Board of Water Engineers, 1939.

Texas Board of Water Engineers. Aransas County, Texas : records of wells, drillers’ logs, water analyses, cross sections, and map showing locations of wells. Texas Board of Water Engineers, 1940.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Water Resources Development.

Mexican Food/Cooking
Gutiérrez, Xabier. 30 menús para cocinar en 30 minutos. Editorial Everest, 2010.

Long, Janet. Sabor de Nueva España. Instituto Mora, 1996.

San Antonio History
Brueys, John L. de. Ben Milam; hero of the Alamo City in the battle of Bexar. Ben Milam Hotel, 1936.

Cater, Guy. Amended charter of the city of San Antonio. The City of San Antonio, 1911.

Curtis, Albert. Military San Antonio. Standard Printing Co., 1943.

Driscoll, Clara. In the shadow of the Alamo. G. P. Putnam’s sons, 1906. illustrated by Florence Eagar.

Evans, Augusta Jane. Inez: A Tale of the Alamo. Atlantic Monthly, November 1899.

Gould, Steven. Alamo city guide, San Antonio, Texas. : Being a historical sketch of the ancient city of the Alamo, and business review. Macgowan & Slipper, c1882.

Cox, Isaac Joslin. William Belcher Seely: Founder.

Jeffries, C. C. Lights of the Alamo. J.E. Rosser, 1946.

Kemp, Louis Wiltz. Burial place of the Alamo heroes. [s.n.], 1937.

Meyers, L.F. San Antonio at a glance. 1895.

Spencer, Gayle Brennan. Last farm standing on Buttermilk Hill : Voelcker roots run deep in Hardberger Park. LBJ Communico for the Max and Minnie Tomerlin Voelcker Fund, 2010.

Alamo city street directory and business guide. Ladd Little Enterprises, 1970.

General directory of the city of San Antonio. Mooney & Morrison.

Historical San Antonio. Nic Tengg, c. 1920.

Southern Pacific Railroad Company. Passenger Dept. Alamo and its history : San Antonio, Texas, March 6, 1836. The Route, 190-.

History and guide of San Antonio, Tex. San Antonio, TX : s.n., c1894

General Federation of Women’s Clubs.

San Antonio and South Texas Greeters Guide

San Antonio through a camera; historical and military. 1918[?].

San Antonio’s La Villita

Spanish Missions
Brooks, Charles Mattoon. Texas missions : their romance and architecture. Dealey and Lowe, 1936.

Kennedy, Roger G. Mission : the history and architecture of the missions of North America. Houghton Mifflin, 1993.

Maverick, Jane Maury and Lewis Maury. Mission San José, San Antonio, Texas. s.n., 19–

Maverick, Maury. Villita, the little Spanish town of San Antonio.

Texas/Mexico Border
Valk, Barbara F., editor, with Ana María Cobos [et al.]. BorderLine : a bibliography of the United States-Mexico borderlands. UCLA Latin American Center Publications, c1988.

Texas Cooking
Handy, Bessie, Texas Cookery. Abilene Printing and Stationary Co.
Kerr, W. Park. El Paso Chile Company’s Texas border cookbook : home cooking from Rio Grande country. W. Morrow, c1992.

Lasswell, Mary. Mrs. Rasmussen’s book of one-arm cookery, by Mary Lasswell; decorations by George Price. Houghton Mifflin, 1946.

Aiken, Riley. Plaza: A Student Eases His Nostalgia for Things Mexican in the Plaza of Out-Door Kitchens in San Antonio. Texas Monthly (June 1930).

Gebhardt Chili Powder Company. Mexican cooking : the flavor of the 20th century : that real Mexican tang. Gebhardt Chili Powder, Co., 1911.

Texas Naturalism/Environmentalism
Geiser, S. W. Early Naturalists in Texas.

Texas History
Brown, John Earl. Yesteryears of Texas. Naylor, 1936.

Erroll, Robert, edited by Ruth Lowery. Old lime kiln : memories, history, and facts along the President’s trail. [s.n.], 1969.

Nolen, Oran Warder. Galloping down the Texas trail : anecdotes and sketches of Texas cowboys, rangers, sheriffs, wild cattle, wild horses and gun and games. [s.n.]

Owens, Elizabeth McAnulty. Elizabeth McAnulty Owens : the story of her life. Naylor Co., 1936.

United States, Department of State. Message from the president of the United States transmitting the information required by the resolution of the House of Representatives, of the 16th ultimo, in relation to the western boundary of the United States, January 17, 1825. Printed by Gales & Seaton, 1825.

Texas Press
Lowman, Al. Aldus in the desert : reflections on a Texas printer & his books. Book Club of California, 1978.

Spc.apr (Gobi/YBP)
Texas Naturalism/Environmentalism
Richardson, Alfred and Ken King. Plants of deep south Texas : a field guide to the woody and flowering species. Texas A&M University, 2011.

Texas/Mexico Border
Cook, Scott. Handmade Brick for Texas : A Mexican Border Industry, Its Workers, and Its Business. Lanham : Lexington Books, 2011.

Kar.apr (Karno Cookbooks)
Mexican Food/Cooking
María Orsini : el arte del buen comer. Promoción e Imagen, 1986-1994.

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