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Acquisitions for January 2011

February 9, 2011

Manuscript Collections:
• MS 348, Killis Almond and Associates Records, ca. 55 ft.
• MS 051, George, Mary Carolyn Hollers papers, 1 item
• MS 105, Charity Ball Association of San Antonio Records, 4 items

Rare Books:
• [San Antonio Press] Aztec Calendar Coloring Book. Aztlan Libre Press, 2010
• [San Antonio Press] Alurista. Tuna luna. Aztlan Libre Press, 2010
• [Spanish Missions in Texas] Leutenegger, O.F.M.. Fr. Benedict. Fr. Geronimo de Mendieta’s History. An Introduction to the Antecedents of the Spanish Missions in Texas.
• [Spanish Missions in Texas] Narvais, Fr. Cosme Lozano. Journal of a Texas Missionary, 1767-1802: The Diario historic of Fr. Cosme Lozano Narvais, Pen Name of Fr. Mariano Antonio de Vasconcelos.
• [Spanish Missions] Hallenbeck, Cleve. Spanish missions of the old Southwest.
• [Spanish Missions in Texas] Carter, Robert F. Tarnished Halo: The Story of Padre Francisco Hidalgo. Old Spanish Missions Historical Research Library at San Jose Mission, 1977.
• [Spanish Missions] Vázquez Loya, Dizán. La Misiones Franciscanas en Chihuaua. Pistas y Referencias Para su Investigación. Chihuahua, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, 2004.
• [Architecture and Design] The Atlas Portland Cement Co. Concrete Construction About the Home and on the Farm. The Federal Printing Co. 1905. 4th ed.
• [Architecture and Design] The Cincinnati Furniture World. Geo. Henshaw and Sons, Manufacturers of all kinds of chairs, Volume III. No. 6 – August 25, 1884.
• [Architecture and Design] Cooper, Hall and Co.’s Catalogue and Price List of Furniture. 1974.
• [Architecture and Design] SWP – 1904 die cut paint chip brochure.
• [Architecture and Design] Paramount Electric Supply and fixture Company. Paramount Quality Lighting Fixtures. Catalog no. 40. Not dated.
• [Architecture and Design] Olson Rug Company. For Modern Homes Olson Velvety Rugs. 1917.
• [Architecture/Preservation] Price, Lois Olcott. Line Shade and Shadow: the Fabrication and Preservation of Architectural Drawings.
• [Texas History] Bancroft, Hubert Howe. The History of Texas and the North Mexican States. The History Company, 1890.
• [San Antonio History] In the Shadow of the Alamo: a Garland of Lyrics for San Antonio’s Bicentenary, Nineteen Hundred and Eighteen, 1918.
• [San Antonio/Texas History] Jose Antonio Navarro: In Search of the American Dream in Nineteenth Century Texas.
• [Texas History] McGinnis, Edith B. The Promised Land. A narrative featuring the life History and Adventures of Frank J. Brown, Pioneer, Buffalo Hunter, Indian Fighter, and Founder of the Quaker Settlement of Friendswood. Boerne, Texas: Toepperwein, 1947. First edition.
• [Texas History] Bowyer, John Wilson and Claude Harrison Thurman. The Annals Of Elder Horn, Early Life In The Southwest. New York: Richard R. Smith, 1930. First edition.
• [Women in Texas History] Hogan, William Ransom. Pamelia Mann: Texas Frontierswoman. Reprinted from Southwest Review (Summer, 1935, vol. XX, pp. 360-370).
• [US/Mexico Relations] Warren, Harris Gaylord. The Sword was their Passport; a History of American Filibustering in the Mexican Revolution. Baton Rouge, La., Louisiana State UniversityPress, 1943. First Edition, Review Copy.
• [San Antonio Press] Chapman, Iva. Twelve Legendary Stories of Texas. San Antonio: Naylor Company, 1940. First Edition, Review Copy.
• [Map of Texas]. Clason’s Guide to Texas. With Map of Auto Routes. Denver: The Clason Map Co., 1911. First edition.
• [Menard County]. Pierce, N.H.. The Free State of Menard: A History of the County. Menard, TX: Menard News Press 1946. First Edition.
• [Religion in Texas] Jubiläums-Ausgabe der Südlich DeutschenKonferenz in Texas und
• Louisiana Jubiläumschrift der Südlich-Deutschen Konferenz. [S.l., s.n.,1922?]. ONLY EDITION.
• [Mexican Food Distribution] Hernández, Ana María. Como Mejorar la Alimentacion del Obrero y Campesino. 1934.
• [German Woman in Texas] Altgelt, Emma. Beobachtungen und Erinnerungen. Neu-Braunfelser Zeitung, 1930.
• [San Antonio Author] Garza, Xavier. Lucha Libre: The man in the silver mask.
• [San Antonio Author] Garza, Xavier. Charro Claus and the Tejas Kid.
• [San Antonio Author] Garza, Xavier. Zulema and the Witch Owl/Zulema Y La Bruja Lechuza.
• [San Antonio Author] Garza, Xavier. Creepy Creatures and Other Cucuys.
• [Water] Williams, Albert. The Water and The Power Development of the Five Great Rivers of the West, 1951. Duell,Sloan & Pearce: New York, 1951. First Edition.
• [Texas Water Policy] Griffin, Ronald C. Water Policy in Texas: Responding to the Rise of Scarcity. RFF Press Water Policy Series, October 2010
• [Texas/Mexico Border] Gift of the Rio : Story of Texas’ Tropical Borderland, 1975. Mission, TX Border Kingdom Press, 1975.
• [Texas/Mexico Border] Zwick, Mark and Louise. Mercy without borders : the Catholic Worker and immigration.
• [Texas/Mexico Border] Brazos de Dios : a plantation society in the Texas borderlands, 1821-1865 / Sean M. Kelley.
• [Texas/Mexico Border] Birds of Big Bend
• [Mexican Cook Book] Chapa, Martha y Alejandro Ordorica. Con Sabor a Patria: Historia y Recetario de Los Chiles en Nogada. First edition.
• [Mexican Cookbook] Weaver, Neil. Black Beans and the Storm Tossed Ship.
• [Texas Cookbook] Hughes, Mike. Broken Arrow Ranch Cookbook. 1985.
• [Texas Cookbook] Hubbard, Dough. Favorite recipes of famous Texans.
• [Mexican Cookbook] Recipes for Five Mexican Foods.
• [Texas Cookbook] Tex-Mex CookBook. Pan American Bank.
• [Texas Cookbook] Texas Recipes from Texas Places
• [Texas Cookbook] Typically Texas
• [Texas Cookbook] Waco Cotton Palace cookbook: a legacy of gracious dining. Waco Cotton Palace Pageant, Inc., 1980.
• [Texas Cookbook] What’s Cooking in Texas.
• [Texas Cookbook] The Cypress Woodlands Junior Forum. Wild about Texas : a bouquet of recipes, wildflowers and wines : a cookbook.
• [Food production] Store Milling & Whole Grain Cooking

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