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June 2010 Acquisitions

July 15, 2010


• San Antonio River Authority Records, 13 linear feet
Serie Project Prints

University Archives
• Student Publications, 2010-023 1 linear foot

Rare Books
• The Atlas Portland Cement Co. CONCRETE COUNTRY RESIDENCES. 1906. 94 PGS. 27 copies in OCLC. [ARCHITECTURE]
• Oak Flooring Advertising bureau. OAK FLOORING. HOW AND WHERE TO USE IT. 1922. 17th ed. Pict. wraps, illus., information. Not in OCLC. [ARCHITECTURE]
• Palliser, Palliser & C. MODEL HOMES – PALLISER’S, 1883. 116 pgs. Hardback, numerous ads for building firms, illus with building plans, paint chips, information. 20 copies in OCLC [ARCHITECTURE]
• The Radford Review Co. THE RADFORD IDEAL HOMES. SUPPLEMENT NO. 1 – 1901. 30 pgs. 2 copies of lumber serial in OCLC. No record specifically for homes supplement. [ARCHITECTURE]
• R.C. Reynolds, Inc. KAPOCK SKETCH BOOK. A. Theo. Abbott and Co. Pict. wraps. 1922. 14 pgs. A catalog showing through color illustrations the multitude of uses for “Kapock” fabrics….” Vg cond. 1 copy in OCLC. [ARCHITECTURE]
• Churchill, Laurie J. and Kippra D. Hopper. ART OF WEST TEXAS WOMEN: A CELEBRATION. Texas Tech University Press, 2010. [TEXAS ARTISTS]
• Bowden, Charles and Alice Leora Briggs. DREAMLAND: THE WAY OUR OF JUAREZ. University of Texas Press, 2010. [U.S. – MEXICO BORDER STUDIES]
• Astro, Alan and Ilan Stavans. YIDDISH SOUTH OF THE BORDER: AN ANTHOLOGY OF LATIN AMERICAN YIDDISH WRITING. University of New Mexico Press, 2003. [YIDDISH].
• Andrew Jackson Potter, Fighting Parson of the Texas Frontier, Nashville, Southern Methodist Publishing, 1882
• Nail, Olin W. Texas Methodist Centennial Yearbook, 1839-1939, 1939. [TEXAS HISTORY]
• Guehrta, Dorothy Bloohm. After Half Moon: A history of Shiner, TX, 1976. [TEXAS HISTORY]
• Boethel, Paul C. Headwaters of the Lavaca and the Navidad, 1967 (signed).
• Sand in your Craw, Paul C. Boethel, 1959 (signed)
• Streets of San Antonio, Eric C. Mapes, 2008 (signed)
• I Would Rather Sleep in Texas, Mary Margaret McAllen Anberson, James A McAllen and Margaret H. 2003 (signed)
• Walker’s Texas Division, CSA: Greyhounds of the Trans-Mississippi, Richard Lowe, 2004
• Texas, the Lone Star State, Richard Lupal Richardson, 1943
• Texas Women on the Cattle Trails, Sarah Massey, 2006 (signed)
• Fabulous San Antonio, Albert Curtis, 1955
• Spanish Borderlands Frontier, 1513-1821, John Francis Bannon, 1979
• San Antonio on Foot, 2nd edition, Diane Capito and Willis, 1998
• Wilson County Texas Rangers, 1837-1977, Maude T. Gilliland, 1977 (signed)
• Migration into East Texas, 1835-1860, Barnes F. Lathrop, 1949
• Presidio La Bahia, Kathryn Stoner O’Connor, 1966
• Tejano Origins in 18th Century San Antonio, Ed. By Gerald Poyo and Gilberto M. Hinojosa. Institute of Texan Cultures, 1991.
• Letters from the Ursuline, ed. By Cathrine, McDowell, 1977

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