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May 2010 Acquisitions

June 7, 2010

•Herbert J. Spiro Papers, 3 linear feet
•San Antonio River Authority Records, 12 linear feet

Rare Books:
•Aubele, Jayne C. The Influences of Geomorphology on Ground Water in the Albuquerque- Belen Basin Area. Paper,1972. 25 Jackson M. Barton. Pre-Permian Axes of Maximum Deposition in West Texas. Reprinted from the Bulletin of the American, Sept. 1945. Vol. 29, No. 9[Hydrogeology and Texas Geology]
•Barnes, V.E., P.E. Cloud, Jr., and L.E. Warren. Devonian Rocks of Central Texas. The Geological Society of Petroleum Geologists,Fe. 1947. [Hydrogeology and Texas Geology] (1 copy in OCLC)
•Barros, Cristina. LOS LIBROS DE LA COCINA MEXICANA. México, D.F, Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, CONACULTA, 2008, 417p. b/w plates, facs., recipes, illus., bibls., color pict. fldg. wrps. A compilation of basic texts to better understand the history of Mexican gastronomy through a brief examination of the printed material written on the subject and considered indispensable by the author. LIMITED EDITION OF 1000 [Mexican Cookbook Collection] (5 copies in OCLC)
•Bjoklund, Louis J. and Bruce W. Maxwell. Availability of Ground Water in the Albuquerque Area, Bernaillo and Sandoval Counties, New Mexico. The United State Geological Survey,. Technical report 21. Pencil annotations. [Hydrogeology and Texas Geology] (34 copies in OCLC)
•Brown, L.F., Jr. Geometry and Distribution of Fluvial and Deltac Sandstones (Pennsylvanian and Permian), North-Central Texas. Reprinted from Transactions of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies,1969. Vo. XIX. [Hydrogeology and Texas Geology]
•Cheney, M.G. Pennsylvanian Classification Correlation Problem in North-Central Texas. Journal of Geology,May 1947. Vol. LV, No. 3, Fair condition. $5 P.E. Cloud, Jr., V.E. Barnes and Josiah Bridge. Stratigraphy of the Ellenburger Group in Central Texas—A Progress Report. Separate from the University of Texas Publication 4301, pp. 133- 177,,June 1945. [Hydrogeology and Texas Geology]
•Cooperrider, Charles K. and Barnard A. Hendricks. Soil Erosion and Stream Flow on Range and Forrest Lands of the Upper Rio Grande Watershed in Relation to Land Resources and Human Welfare. United States of Agriculture, May 1937. [Hydrogeology and Texas Geology]
•ELM CITY BRASS AND RIVET CO. PLAINVILLE, CONN. C.P.L. Hermann. 1911. 159 pgs. Pict. wraps, fully illustrated, frontis lithograph of the factory, dimensions, manufacturers of andirons, andiron bars, fenders, door knockers, grates, candle sticks, jam hooks, etc. [Architecture]
•W. EMERY AND CO. SALE LIST. FROM WINDOW BLINDS, FRAMES, … 1890. 19 pgs. Printed wraps, advertisements, illus., dimensions, etc. [Architecture]
•GARLINGHOUSE BLUE-RIBBON HOMES. Pict. wraps, 64 pgs., c. 1950’s. 3rd ed. Order blank laid in, each home pictured, many in color, with floor plan and information.
•GARLINGHOUSE HOMES IN BRICK. ALSO…32 NEW RANCH HOMES OF FRAME, BRICK AND STONE IN FULL COLOR. Pict. wraps, C. 1950’s. 64 pgs. 2nd ed. Pict. wraps. Order blank, home plans for each home pictured, fully illustrated and many in color. [Architecture] (2 copies in OCLC)
•Griggs, R.L., and G. E. Hendrickson. Geology and Ground-Water Resources of San Miguel County, NM. New Mexico ureau of Mines and Mineral Resources,1951. Report #2. [Hydrogeology and Texas Geology] (60 copies in OCLC)
•Griggs, Roy L. Geology and Ground-Water Resources of the Eastern Part of Colfax County, NM. New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources and the State Engineer of NM,1948. [Hydrogeology and Texas Geology] (54 copies in OCLC)
•Harshbarger, J.W. and C. A. Repenning. Water Resources of the Chuska Mountains Area, Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona and New Mexico. Geological Survey Circular 308,1954. 10 Frank W. Cole. Well Spacing in the Aneth Reservoir. Slipcased, First edition. [Hydrogeology and Texas Geology] (38 copies in OCLC)
•Hendrickson, G.E., and R. S. Jones. Geology and Ground- Resources of Eddy County, New Mexico. State Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resource, NM Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, NM,1952. Ground Water Report 3. Fair condition. [Hydrogeology and Texas Geology] (51 copies in OCLC)
•Cohen, Rev. Henry. The Jews in Texas., N/P: N/P; 1895. 11pp. A series of short biographies of important Jewish Texans beginning with Jacob de Cordova (1808-1868). Cohen (1863-1952) was himself a prominent participant in religious and community activities in Texas. [History of Jews in Texas] (7 copies in OCLC)
•Hopper, Kippra D. ART OF WEST TEXAS WOMEN: A CELEBRATION. Texas Tech University Press, 2010. [Texas History/Women’s History]. (29 copies in OCLC)
• JORDAN AND MORIARTY’S ILLUSTRATED FURNITURE AND CARPET CATALOGUE. 1879. 32 pgs. Pict. wraps, rear wrap lithograph of factory, fully illustrated, prices, interesting jokes throughout catalog. [Architecture] (1 copy in OCLC)
•Kearney, James C. NASSAU PLANTATION: THE EVOLUTION OF A TEXAS-GERMAN SLAVE PLANTATION. University of North Texas Press, 2010. [TEXAS HISTORY]. (26 copies in OCLC)
•MANCHESTER IRON WORKS. ARCHITECTURAL, STRUCTURAL, ORNAMENTAL IRON AND STEEL. CATALOG “A”. 1916. 64 pgs. Printed wraps, index, weights, dimensions, illus., info. A multitude of items offered including door and window guards, gates, lawn benches, railings, etc. [Architecture] (4 copies in OCLC)
•Pantoja Alor, Jerges. Estudio Geológico de Re-Conocimiento de la Región de Huetamo, Estado de Michoacán. Consejo de Recursos Naturales No Renovables,1959. Boletín 50 Inscribed. [Hydrogeology and Texas Geology] (10 copies in OCLC)
•Water Resources Research Institute. Hydrogeology of the Rio Grande Valley and Adjacent Intermontane Areas of Southern New Mexico. New Mexico State University,June 1969. [Hydrogeology and Texas Geology] (21 copies in OCLC)
•WILLIAMS SLATE MANTEL CO. LARGEST VARIETY OF DESIGNS! MOST EXTENSIVE WORKS! FINEST FINISH AND CHEAPEST ESTABLISHMENT IN THE STATE! 1872, Dunk Longacre and Co. 1872. 16 pgs. Pict. wraps, illus. mostly in color, dimensions. [Architecture]
•Wortman, Richard A.. Environmental Implications of Surface Water Resource Development in the Middle Rio Grande Drainage, New Mexico—Thesis. Thesis copy,. Includes maps and photos. Excellent conditon. [Hydrogeology and Texas Geology] (2 copies in OCLC)

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