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Felix Almaraz Papers Update

December 3, 2009

by Tatina Wulzer, Collections Assistant

Part of the University Archives, the Felix Almaraz papers are rich with information from his teaching, service, and research as a professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Initially, Almaraz’s papers were donated to the Archives in February of 2001 with additions through February of 2007. Upon recent examination, it was discovered the material at one time had been infested with insects. To be on the safe side and insure there was nothing still alive, we sent the ten boxes off site to be freeze-dried .

Typewritten draft, Tragic Cavalier, undated

Title page, Tragic Cavalier, 1971

Felix Almaraz has been a professor of history at the University of Texas at San Antonio since 1973, the first year the university offered classes. Working in the History Department, Almaraz has taught classes on the Spanish Borderlands, Spanish Colonial Texas, Imperial Spain, Modern Spain, history of South Texas, Modern Texas history, and the cultural origins of San Antonio and hidden within the Almaraz papers are book manuscripts, subject files, syllabi, exams, notes, and teaching aids documenting his teaching career.

Also found within the Almaraz papers are research and writing materials including corrected typescripts, research notes, and other materials; along with service materials that document his relationship with the Texas State Historical Association and the Southwest Council of Latin American Studies, among other professional societies.The Felix Almaraz papers are back with us and are now available for research.

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