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Archives Acquires 1842 Mexican Broadside

September 8, 2009

The UTSA Archives has recently acquired an 1842 broadside that will help to supplement its John Peace Collection relating to Texas history before 1860.

Oretega Broadside

Ortega (1793-1871), a professional soldier and politician, was in 1836-1837 commander of the Alamo and oversaw its destruction when Santa-Anna ordered it abandoned. Later as governor of the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, he issued this broadside from the state capitol of Monterrey on December 28, after the Mexican Army dissolved its Congress earlier that month. Trying to assure his people, the broadside concludes:

“MY FRIENDS: the Republic is going to be constituted with your will and your choices, without the blood and the public calamities that have accompanied such a desired act. The towns are tired from fighting against one another, they want peace in order to be happy, and in a very short time, they will be, with the establishment of a supportive liberal government in the opinion and the philosophy of century. Participate in such a venturous success, because you shall not leave (?) after the mourning and consternation with which the previous political movements have marked this epoch, congratulations, the highest congratulations your governor and friend.”

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