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Did you go to Westmoorland College?

September 3, 2009

By Amy Estes, Archives Intern

1927 Pennant from Westmoorland College

Vaughan Douglass, of the Douglass Family Papers fame, completed her Associates Degree there in 1927.

Westmoorland College went through many incarnations in its short existence. It was originally known as the San Antonio Female College when it was founded in 1894. In 1916, the college was recognized by the University of Texas as a junior college and the name was changed to Westmoorland College. In 1937, Westmoorland became part of the University of San Antonio. Finally, in 1942, the University of San Antonio was merged with Trinity University. Trinity recognized all degrees conferred by Westmoorland.

Vaughan went on to have a grand academic career; she completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin, secured her teaching credentials at Sul Ross in Alpine, Texas and earned her Masters of Education degree at Columbia in New York City.

Vaughan Douglass’ Final Exam from Westmoorland College
Vaughan Douglass’ Yearbook photograph from Westmoorland College
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