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Do You Know Your Watering Day?

August 7, 2009

By Amy Estes, Archives Intern

If you are lucky, you are somewhere cooler than Texas during the summer.

For the rest of us who are here in San Antonio and dealing with the numerous over 100° days and a shortage of rainfall, it is important to know your watering day. In fact, STAGE TWO drought rules are now in place.

The tireless work of water conservation pioneer Fay Sinkin led to an increased awareness about water conservation and research.

Campaign postcard, January 1983

Fay organized and headed the Aquifer Protection Association (APA). In her role at the APA, Sinkin made the Edwards Aquifer a household term in the mid 1970s. During Fay’s term as board of director on the Edwards Underground Water District (EUWD), Sinkin introduced Xeriscaping to San Antonio and was responsible for funding the leak detection program of the EUWD.

After her term ended she continued to be an inimitable advocate for water protection and related environmental issues. In 1989, she formed the Edwards Aquifer Preservation Trust. This private group worked to purchase land on the recharge zone, particularly the San Antonio Ranch area, to protect it from over-development and environmental damage. Fay died last winter at the age of 90; her legacy of passionate water conservation continues.

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