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LGBT Pride Month: WomanSpace

June 29, 2009

For our final installment of Pride Month posts we’re highligting the WomanSpace Records.

First published as the Women’s Community Journal in February 1986, WomanSpace is the longest continuously published women’s community newsletter in San Antonio. The Women’s Community Journal envisioned itself as an open forum for the women’s community to discuss issues affecting women’s lives, especially within the lesbian community. Men and women were encouraged to contribute to the newsletter on topics spanning health, politics, religion, art, and social issues. Submissions took the form of articles, letters to the editor, opinions, artwork, poetry, and creative writing.
To further enhance communication within the women’s community, newsletter staff initiated a regular event known as Tuesday Night for discussing topics affecting women’s lives. Topics ranging from real estate law to rape/incest were prepared for each Tuesday session. As ties to related community resources and events increased, the Tuesday Night events were superseded in 1995 by other events and meetings for the lesbian and gay community.
In 1987 newsletter staff developed an idea for creating a physical as well as spiritual and intellectual place for women to share ideas, learn, and reinforce one another: a place called WomanSpace. Ultimately WomanSpace was envisioned as a women’s community center where women and men could meet, socialize, educate, share poetry, and participate in events. In this spirit, the Women’s Community Journal was renamed and debuted in November 1988 as WomanSpace. By April 1995 WomanSpace became a member of the Esperanza Network, a San Antonio organization dedicated to forming alliances to counteract bigotry and oppression.

The collection consists of a nearly complete set of WomanSpace newsletters beginning in November 1988 through December 2004. As with its forerunner, WomanSpace documents topics of interest to the women’s community and the unique expression of women’s thoughts on issues affecting their lives. In particular, articles, advertising of events and community resource listings in WomanSpace show evidence of the increasing awareness of and cooperation with related community resources. The collection also contains submissions to the newsletter and event planning materials.

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