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LGBT Pride Month: Linda and Cynthia Phillips

June 19, 2009

This week in honor of PRIDE Month we are featuring the Linda and Cynthia Phillips Papers.

Cynthia and Linda Phillips are a transgender couple living in the San Antonio area. They were coordinators of the Boulton & Park Society, which was a “peer support group for transgender folk, their family and friends.” They were also founders of the Texas “T” Party, a Boulton and Park-sponsored event that became the largest annual convention for crossdressers in the nation during the 1990s. The couple devoted their time, energy and love to people who wanted to be educated on issues pertaining to the transgender community.
Cynthia Phillips was Founder and Editor of the successful newsletter WACS (Women Associated with Crossdressers), and Editor of Partners, formally WACS. She also served as the Co-Chairperson for the Texas “T” Party and as as Executive Director of the Boulton and Park Society. Linda Phillips was the Secretary and President for the Texas “T” Party. She also has served as the Secretary and Treasurer of the Boulton and Park Society. The couple has continued to participate in speaking engagements regarding transgenderism.
Because both Cynthia and Linda were Editors of various successful transgender newsletters, the bulk of the collection consists of newsletters ranging from 1986-1999. Included are Cross Currents (1989-1993), Gender Euphoria (1987-1999), Partners (1989-1996), and a small number of newsletters from other transgender organizations. Also included in the collection are articles, magazines, correspondence during the time of their association with the Boulton and Park Society and a videocassette containing an interview with the Phillips.

By Rosemarie Rodriguez, Collections Assistant.

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  1. July 1, 2012 12:02 pm

    I have a group thinking about starting a Transgendered Conference in Dallas I would like to contact Cythia or Linda PHillips to get any thoughts around such an event.

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