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June 5th

June 4, 2009

June 5th in the University Archives is kind of like July 4th everywhere else. To me, it’s a date that everyone in the UTSA community should recognize (even if, you know, no one was declaring independence from anything).

Graduate catalog for 1973-1974, p.8 (university calendar for Summer Session 1973). University Publications Collection, UA 1.02.03.

It is not only the day that Governor Preston Smith signed the bill to establish UTSA in 1969, but also the day that the first classes were held at the university in 1973.The University Archives will celebrate June 5, 1973 with a veritable blitz of photographs uploaded to our Twitter feed,
UTSA Yesterday. Because today is the anniversary of the first registration, the blitz is already underway.Below is an assortment of items related to the establishment of the university.

House Bill 42, the legislation that established UTSA on June 5, 1969. It is already intended to be a university “of the first class” at this point. Frank Lombardino Papers, MS 122.

Results of a December 1972 survey sent out to potential UTSA graduate students where they were asked to select the one area of interest that most appealed to them. Yes, it does say that the stats were compiled by Jack Frost. Jack Frost was the Director of Data Processing in the Office of Management Information Systems. UTSA General Information and University History Collection [Executive Officers series], UA 1.01.

Progress report on the June ’73 opening, written December 15, 1972: memorandum from Louis J. Rodriguez, VP for Academic Affairs, to Charles A. LeMaistre, M.D., Chancellor, UT Board of Regents. UTSA General Information and University History Collection [Executive Officers Series], UA 1.01.

“UTSA Grad School Gets Off to a Good Start”: newspaper profile of UTSA about a month before opening, May 9, 1973. From a scrapbook in the Office of University Communications Records, UA 16.01.

Aerial view of the permanent campus, October 1973 (earliest dated photo available). From the UTSA Facilities Office.

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