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Wanted: University Records

April 13, 2009

In past University Archives posts, we’ve tended to spotlight the more unusual findings — the “UTSA ‘Dillos” poster, the document suggesting that the school colors be Fiesta Red and Cactus Green, and so forth.

These artifacts usually come to us unexpectedly, enriching the Archives and helping tell stories about life at UTSA. So, what kinds of records are more typical of the University Archives? In general, the University Archives wants the records that document the history and development of UTSA.

What does that mean? Here’s a short list of university records with archival value:

  1. Organizational charts
  2. Meeting agendas and minutes
  3. Annual reports
  4. External publications
  5. Internal publications (e.g., a department’s newsletter)
  6. Planning records
  7. Correspondence–email included–of administrators (VPs, deans, directors, department heads)
  8. Speeches, papers, and presentations of administrators
  9. Press releases and other public relations records
  10. Accreditation files
  11. Procedures manuals
  12. Subpoenas

All of the items on this list are designated “archival” by the State of Texas. They appear with archival codes “I” (Transfer to University Archives) or “O” (Review by University Archivist) on the UTSA records retention schedule.

For more information, please see: University Archives: What We Collect and Transferring University Records to the Archives: Information for UTSA Departments. As always, the University Archives is here to help departments figure out what to send to the Archives.

Happy Records and Information Management Month!

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