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UTSA HemisFair Park Campus

March 24, 2009

Yesterday, UTSA announced a significant renaming of two of its three campuses. The main campus, widely known since the 1990s as the “1604 Campus” due to its location off West Loop 1604, will now be known as “UTSA Main Campus.” UTSA’s second campus on West Durango Blvd. will remain “UTSA Downtown Campus.” UTSA’s third campus, the Institute of Texan Cultures (ITC), will be called “UTSA HemisFair Park Campus.” (The name of the museum will not change.)

The renaming of the ITC’s location isn’t a completely new idea. In 1991, the Office of the Vice President for Downtown Operations inaugurated Phase I of the “UTSA Downtown Center at HemisFair Park.” Two years later, in Summer 1993, classes were held for the first time at the “Downtown Center.” Courses were offered in criminal justice, multiculturalism, educational psychology, and other topics. Many of these academic areas would later become integral parts of the UTSA Downtown Campus as part of the College of Public Policy and the College of Education and Human Development. See below for class schedules from this era.

Click to enlarge.
Class schedules for “UTSA Downtown,” 1993. Top: Summer 1993, Bottom: Fall 1993. From the UTSA Publications Collection: Class Schedules, UA 01.02.05.

The Downtown Center went the way of the Office of the VP for Downtown Operations (i.e., it closed and re-opened under a new name) just one semester later. A few weeks into the Fall 1993 semester, classes were transferred to the Cypress Tower building at the intersection of Cypress Street and Main Avenue. The “real” Downtown Campus — the permanent campus at West Durango Blvd. — opened in 1998, celebrating its 10th anniversary in February 2008.

The Institute of Texan Cultures was established in 1968 as the HemisFair’s Texas Pavilion. The ITC commemorated its 40th anniversary in 2008 with an exhibit on HemisFair ’68.

The Institute of Texan Cultures advertising UTSA course offerings, 1992

The Institute of Texan Cultures advertising UTSA course offerings, 1992. Office of University Communications Photographs, UA 16.01.01.

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