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Mark Shelstad

March 2, 2009
Mark Shelstad is Head of Archives and Special Collections, UTSA Library. As head of the department he is responsible for acquisition of materials, planning, outreach, and other duties, including day-to-day oversight of Special Collections while a search is underway for a special collections librarian. Mark Shelstad

He has an M.A. in Public History, specializing in archival administration. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a B.A. in History, University of Minnesota-Morris, which included working at the West Central Minnesota Historical Research Center. He also worked at the Minnesota Historical Society from 1990-1991.

Prior to working at UTSA, Mark was Associate Archivist/Information Manager at the Wyoming’s American Heritage Center. He led a conglomerated department and managed the AHC’s Digital Program, web site, catalog system, and university archives.

In addition, he was project manager for two grants with the Collaborative Digitization Program: the Rocky Mountain Online Archive, an EAD encoding project, and Sound Model, a digital audio project. He also was a member of three CDP working groups for the creation of best practices documents for digital imaging, metadata, and digital audio. He also worked collaboratively with the Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries towards its establishment of a digital repository.

Mark is active with the Society of American Archivists, the Midwest Archives Conference, and the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists.
See his latest publications on the AHC’s Web site redesign and on Describing Archival Collections in the Digital Age. His presentation at the 2007 Society of American Archivists Meeting was reviewed on Spellbound Blog.

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